A Gallery Wall Start to Finish

8:30 PM

The entry was my favorite spot in our Kansas home; this space was a lovely evolution of time and curating. It's where I accidentally began my floral art collection. Initially, I wanted to wallpaper the wall in a bold pattern, but over time I kept coming across vintage floral art at thrift stores and estate sales so the wall became a natural spot to showcase the collection. I never measured the spots or cut up sheets of paper to hang on the wall to "envision" a layout. Rather, I just grabbed a hammer and tons of nails;) Since the collection was gradual there was no need to "design" a layout and it just grew as I found new pieces. I love it because it was an organic design process. I find my best styling is done unplanned and often by chance when I happen upon a great piece and the rabbit hole leads from there.....

At the beginning these 4 pieces: the rug, chest, mirror, and floral painting where what pulled this space together. I found the rug at my parents home in Houston and crammed it into a suitcase and flew it to Kansas. I loved the colors of the rug and thought surely it would work with the old chest my father-in-law had found on a piece of his property.

The chest was left behind in a shed and was falling apart (missing knobs and feet), but, it was free! So the chest was refurbished, knobs and feet added, glued together by my father-in-law, and it was good to go. I stole the mirror from another room and hung this fun floral.

The first floral canvas I found was this bright blue background piece. It ended up being a perfect fit because its colors flowed perfectly with the natural, faded, color of the chest and matched the wall color in the room it faced - the living / dining room. It was from here, along with the encouragement of a dear friend, that the gallery wall began.

Side note: soon I'll post about how we reworked this chest piece. The knobs are both from House of Antique Hardware and you can find them HERE and HERE

It took about 2-3 years of finding artwork from family, friends, thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales to finish the wall. Three of the paintings are by my father, four from my grandmother, one from my brother and two from dear friends. This the final shot of the entry before we moved. I miss this spot dearly and hope to recreate something similar in our new home. Thanks for stopping by!

ALSO A HUGE thanks to Alison Moore Photography for taking this lovely photo. In fact, she took all the images for our Design*Sponge Home Tour which you can find HERE. I can't say enough good things about Alison and her mad photography skills! Check out her website for more info!

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  1. I am looking for a poppy painting like the one on your wall. It is gorgeous. Poppies are sentimental to us and the colors in the painting are perfect. Was this one done by a family member? If it was purchased could you share your source? Thank you!


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