"Something Different" Summer Home Tour - 22 Unique Home Dwellings You Won't Wanna Miss!!

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Our 1970's Redo

I'm thrilled to be a part of the Something Different Summer Home Tour -it's very humbling to be included in a such a stellar group of ladies. You will want to see these 21 amazing homes- the links and dates are all below.

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous to share our home - It's FAR from done! We moved in almost two years ago and the first few months were spent tackling repairs- chimney repointing, added a structural beam, asbestos remediation, updating kitchen appliances and removing linoleum flooring (not cute, not fun and not cheap).

I'm not even sure where to begin so let's pretend like you just arrived at my home and I'll take you through the front doors.

From the moment you walk into our home you are greeted with flowers. Real, Fake, Paintings, brass flowers, sculpted flowers- you name it- I've got it somewhere. The staircase was once bare and then I realized I needed to create a new gallery wall in this home. It's morphed into something I never would have expected especially once we painted the bannister and railings purple! The Color is Farrow & Ball's Pelt.

The double doors and entry made us fall in love with this 1970's home. We almost ripped out the slate tile in the entry and I'm so thankful we kept it. I love the contrast of the tile up against the original wood floors.
When we started house hunting in Connecticut I was set on finding a historical style New England home. However that was not in the cards or our budget;) When we came across this spacious 1970's redo we immediately put in an offer. It was the one house that had our must haves- central air, attached garage and bedrooms that weren't the size of shoe boxes! 

The living room was by far the hardest to design. The room is super long and narrow and nothing is centered. The 10 foot window, the fireplace, the short wall that ends at the dinning room- it all was wonky. Enter dark paint, curtains and rugs for the win. I'll be forever tweaking this room but for now I'm enjoying the space. Next project- paint the fireplace brick!

From the front doors you head straight into the Kitchen- to the right is our family room- not shown here because it is currently over run with baby proofing and toys.

The second I realized we would have to wait to majorly overhaul the kitchen I bought this wall mural. My thought was go bold or go home- maybe it's my Texas roots? I just couldn't stand the thought of a blank wall! It's fun to see peoples reactions when they come over. Most people are surprised to see such a vibrant wall in a kitchen space. I'm thankful I have a confident husband who supports my love of color and wallpaper!!
When we purchased the home the kitchen had 27 year old linoleum (see below for the before pic) We decided to immediately remove it and replace it with matching hardwood floors. Living out of boxes the first month was crazy but well worth it since the kitchen looks completely different with new appliances, lighting, hardware and flooring. Someday we will tackle updating the cabinets, counters and backsplash but for now I use that sassy mauve laminate as one large cutting board!

I found this lotus pendant at Anthropologie and had to make it work in our kitchen. We took out the recessed can that was there and voila- more flowers!!

The last stop on our Tour is the office. A bedroom we chose to convert into an office since my husband needed a work space. He picked this Farrow & Ball paint color called Tanner's Brown. He has a good eye for color that man- he also picked our living room color! The theme was supposed to be aviation but that didn't end up looking right so I gave it a few aviation nods - I mean birds fly!!;)

The entire room is painted the same color. The walls, ceiling, trim and doors. We have never done this before and loved the effect. It feels like an endless space even though it is the smallest room in the house. 

Plus I hung his diplomas and some of his old fraternity gear is hanging up behind those closet doors;) Totally a man cave right?!!

Well, it's been fun showing you around! Make sure to checkout all the other stunning home tours below. Always fun to see what someone else does with their space.

Thanks again for coming by!!


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  1. Love your bold color choices, floral details, and those office bird prints are stunning! The kitchen is fantastic. Love, love, love.

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm slowly growing to like the kitchen ha ha!! Thank you for stopping by to view the tour:))

  2. oh kelly, it's amazing! i just love how you have so many wonderful vintage touches! and i know you plan to redo the kitchen but i really love how you have styled it now!

    1. Thank you Cassie! I keep tweaking the kitchen because the redo is way, way down the road but the more I tweak the more I tend to care for the space. Funny how that happens;)

  3. I could never grow tired of looking at your beautiful home! Everything from the decor to the light fixtures and the fabric choices, it's all so beautifully curated!

    1. Thank you! That's so kind of you to say! It's been a fun process to curate for sure:) Have a wonderful day!

  4. I love all the vintage items throughout. Your home is amazing.

  5. I simply adore your style.. everything is beautifully styled. I'm a lover of vintage decor so I definitely feel your vibe


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