Primp & Pamper Bathroom Reresh || Week 3 How to Paint Your Tile Floor!

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If you're hopping over from Tiffany's post at My Eclectic Nest, Welcome! Isn't fun to see how paint has transformed her bathroom?? It's Week 3 of the Primp & Pamper Bathroom Refresh and I can't wait to talk paint! A huge Thanks Jewel at Jeweled Interiors for hosting this fun hop!

See below the before shot of our bathroom floor- your generic 8" square tile - looking so sad from years of use. I'm sure the grout would have cleaned up after lots of scrubbing but I'm too lazy to bother;)
Instead I was inspired by the below photo to paint the floor instead.

 inspiration from Driven By Decor

3 Reasons we decided to paint our floor:
1. Price- the total cost to paint our 30 sq.ft. bathroom was $90 (total for paint and lacquer) versus quotes we received to re-tile that were $500-700 (tile and labor)
2. Time- about 3 hours of actual painting; start to finish was 12 hours. Having the room re-tiled would have taken 2-3 days.  
3. Ease- no demolition. no design. no contractors. easy!
We started by choosing a lovely Color: French Linen from Annie Sloan via the wonderful Thomas Mach Interiors

Since chalk paint is hardy we didn't have to prime the floor, we just vacuumed and did some light mopping; you do want to make sure the floor is clean and free & clear of debris. My husband rolled two coats on the floor with a high density (Annie Sloan) foam roller and then applied 2 coats of Annie Sloan lacquer sealant.  The lacquer went on well with the roller as well as a Purdy Nylon / Polyester brush.  

It took the paint 30 minutes to dry between the two coats and the lacquer an hour (final coat needs to cure overnight before use).
Here's what you need to get started:
1. Paint Roller and Tin
2. High density foam roller and polyester / nylon brush
2. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
3. Annie Sloan Lacquer

My husband, applying the second coat of paint. He is the best painter and refuses to let me paint. Mostly because he knows I'm not as into the details/perfection- works for me;)

The finished floor with the new baseboards. 

The rug in place from RUGS USA It really ties the floor, walls and cabinet together. 

The mister also painted the vanity this week- below a sad before picture- still can't believe how much this space has changed already!
We used Velvet Finishes Paint in Exotic - no primer needed. I sprayed the cabinet with their "ready" spray to prep the cabinets for painting. Super easy!

Each piece, frame, doors, drawers, received two coats of paint and then the Velvet Finishes "protect" top coat to seal the paint.

TA DA! The paint turned out so well! We are still adding hardware and the lighting goes in THIS WEEK! Stay tuned for more accessory updates! 

What we have left to do:
  1. electrical- hang chandelier
  2. paint faucet
  3. finish wallpaper - patch old electrical mess
  4. hang the mirror
  5. hang towel bars and other hardware
  6. hang decorative pieces, artwork
  7. decide if I need blinds?
  8. touch up all trim- window, baseboards, door frame
  9. stellar pictures;)

** The paints used in this post, for the vanity and tile, were sponsored. The opinions about these products are solely my own. 

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  1. Lots of progress here! I'm loving the floors, I can't wait to hear how they hold up.

    1. Thank you so much Maggie! Me too- we've heard it should be pretty tough to chip- we shall see;)

  2. I'm intrigued by the floors. How do you think it would work if I painted a checkerboard pattern on the floors in our next house?

    1. I saw a picture of a woman who used Annie Sloan to paint over her laminate and she used a very intricate pattern- looked stunning! If anyone could make it look good you could!!

  3. It looks great! I am loving the vanity color against the wallpaper....soooo pretty!

  4. I had no idea you could paint tile floors!! Kelly you are so creative and inspiring! This bathroom is brilliant!

    1. Ahhh Thank you! Really appreciate you coming by and reading the post!:)

  5. Yay for painted floors. They look great.

    1. Thank you Mary!!! Can't wait to see your stencil progress!

  6. It's looking great! Obviously, I adore that wallpaper, but I really love the color you chose for the cabinet too!

    1. Oh thank you so much!! I'm excited to see your reveal! I want to see the whole room in that paper- what a cool change it will be!!

  7. Oh my!! There is so much goodness happening in here this week!! I have really been wanting to paint the tile in two of our bathrooms and I think I just might have the courage to do it now - thank you! The walls, rug and vanity are beautiful. Can't wait to see it fully refreshed next week :)

    1. Awe shucks!! Thank you so much! Yes! It's definitely worth the time it takes to paint them- it was one less project and less decision making. I couldn't decide what tile I liked most so we just decided to wait and try this instead.

  8. HOW good are those painted floor tiles?! and can we talk about the wallpaper and cabinetry? Love it all!

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