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Hey There! I'm Kelly and here goes a little about me.... I live in Connecticut with my husband and two girls. We have a third babe on the way - so life is crazy.

My back story: I met my husband in Bangkok, Thailand while on a New Year's Eve vacation. We hit it off instantly and a few months after we met he took a job in Kansas. We married one year and 2 days after the day we met- yup, true story! So, I left my happy place of Texas for the Midwest. At the time I was working in the Designer Jewelry Industry, on the wholesale side. It was a lovely job and I was very fortunate to have worked for several talented jewelry designers. One being, Konstantino Jewelry, based out of Athens, Greece. But being newly married at 31 I no longer had the desire to travel 70% of the year so I transitioned from selling Jewelry to selling Prescription Drugs;) Quickly I learned that Pharmaceutical sales in Kansas also had it's fair share of travel so after I had my first child I "retired" and the creative styling began! I say creative because the home we purchased needed furnishing and we had lost our D.I.N.K. status: double income no kids- and gained our S.I.K.A.M. status: Single Income Kids and Mortage;)

It was a fun transition as I've always loved hunting treasure via thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, eBay or items left on the curb! Our first home was my opportunity to heavily implement those skills. Plus, shortly after moving into our new home we found out that I had another babe on the way! Ever since I've been on a mission to make our home "home" and found that making smart choices with home furnishings was something I was passionate about. You will hear lots more about that on this bloggity blog.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading "about me".  This whole journey of styling, designing and creating has been a wild ride and I so appreciate you taking the time to "read" along. 

May your day be lovely and bright!

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