Powder Bathroom Refresh || Week 2: How to Use Peel & Stick Wallpaper

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Welcome! For those hoping over from Jewel's lovely bathroom posts- Isn't it fun to see her space come along? She makes bathroom updates look easy! Such style she has!!  
Make sure to check out all the participants - they each have such a unique sense of style.  Personally, I'm storing up inspiration for when we take on our guest and master bathroom renovations down the road. A HUGE thanks to Jewel for rounding up our awesome sponsors and for hosting this fun event!
As promised I'm revealing the powder bathroom wallpaper and giving a FULL review! But first a quick before photo;)

Now this stunning after shot! A HUGE THANK YOU to SmithHönig for the lovely Shibori print peel & stick wallpaper. Check it out HERE 

I hung this wallpaper with my mother-in-law (and some help from the husband) over the course of 2 days. It took a total of 5-6 hours. I'd say that was mostly because neither of us had used Stick & Peel before. Once we figured out our laying process it went faster. 
The first panel was fairly easy to hang. We started in the most open easiest spot since we were newbies at peel & stick. This panel helped us figure out how to manage the bubbles and see which direction we wanted to go with matching up the repeat pattern.
The main difference we found between peel & stick and regular wallpaper was the glue. Wet glue  versus a dry sticky surface makes a difference in how you apply the paper. See the husband hard at work making the seems match up;) 
There are some spots that we didn't get perfectly matched but the paper was easy to move and layer. We were able to go back and fix mistakes after the hanging was complete which is not possible with regular wallpaper. 

I have one panel left to hang as we wait for the electrician to move the light fixture. Stay Tuned.....

One last look!

THE REVIEW: 7 Tips, Tricks & Thoughts regarding the SmithHönig Peel & Stick Wallpaper
  1. A clean wall, with minimal to no texture, is key for adherence when using stick & peel wallpaper.
  2. Hanging stick & peel paper is different then regular wallpaper! So I recommend having help if you have not used this style paper before.
  3. Stick & Peel is great for easy removal, temporary spaces and regular spaces-the main difference from regular wallpaper is in the hanging process and glue. There is no water, gooey mess or heavy smoothing out to do with stick & peel and it is much more forgiving over time.
  4. We found the best way to hang the SmithHönig stick & peel paper was too remove the paper backing completely from each panel versus slowly removing one section at a time. Once the paper backing was completely removed we gently started to adhere the paper starting on the left side. We then smoothed the paper from left to right while allowing it to fall naturally into place top to bottom.
  5. When we tried to adhere the paper quickly and all from all angles the more bubbles we incurred. Hence letting the paper stick to one side and naturally fall into place as we smoothed across and down the each panel created less bubbles. 
  6. Since there is no water/glue the bubbles are trickier to smooth out. I found it requires pulling back the panel to readjust versus using a flat edge to smooth out the paper like you would with regular wallpaper.
  7. SmithHönig peel & stick wallpaper was very forgiving. I haven't used other peel & stick papers to compare it too but this paper was easy to pull off and on. We had to do the normal amount of repositioning to get the pattern to align correctly and this paper was a champ! We did not have issues with it stretching, losing shape, wrinkling or creasing. All things I was worried about having never used stick & peel. 

  1. Move the light fixture to the ceiling and hang the new chandelier
  2. Wallpaper the remaining spot where the old light fixture was
  3. Paint the tile floor
  4. Add baseboard trim
  5. Paint the vanity- the paint arrived yesterday!
  6. Hang/add new hardware- it arrives tomorrow!!
  7. Spray paint the sink faucet brass - I've decided I don't want to purchase a new sink fixture until I find a new counter top so I'm trying spray paint;)
  8. Add decorative touches- baskets, art, mirror etc!
** The wallpaper in this post was sponsored but all thoughts and options are mine. Also, I am not a professional wallpaper hanger- take me tips and tricks with a grain of a salt as I've heard ever peel & stick paper is different depending on the brand. 

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As always a HUGE thank you to our lovely sponsors below! 

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  1. Wowzers! That looks incredible!

  2. LOVING it!!! The wallpaper is such a statement! And FYI, I too spray painted my powder room faucet, 4 years and going strong!!!

    1. Ahhh!! Thank you:) That's so good to know! Did you use Rustoleum??

  3. I am SO in love with that wallpaper! I'm really excited to see it all finished.

    1. Thank you Eliesa!! I can't wait to see how yours turns out as well. We will be wallpaper pros after this;)

  4. Wow that wallpaper makes a big impact! What I change, can't wait to see what's next.

    1. Thank you Maggie!! It definitely makes the room. Painted flooring is up next! Love seeing your bathroom transform.

  5. Wowwwwwww I really want that wallpaper everywhere in my house! It looks sooooooo goood!

  6. that looks FAB! great print and pattern.

  7. This wallpaper is fire! I love it!


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