Fresh Space February - The Before

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Fresh Space February
Week One- The Before

A huge thank you to the amazing Tiffany at My Eclectic Nest  for putting this fun fresh hop together!

Soooo this is the sad state of our dinning room. It's basically been a holding spot for Christmas decor that needs to be put away. I've had layers of Christmas still out and am finally removing the last of the "winter" themed decor. Now that it's Fresh Space February it's time to get this room a fresh look!!
My first step is to remove this chandelier. The size is too small for the room and it puts off so much light (having 8 light bulbs) that it feels like a spotlight in the center of the room. Craftmade has graciously sponsored a lovely new chandelier that I'm thrilled to show you!!!
The second step will be to style the table top- goodbye snowflakes! I'm also thinking it's time for the Asian screen to find a new home. The room is feeling too gold and yellow and not fresh and open. Plus I worry with the Asian style dinning furniture plus the Asian screen is starting to make it all look dated and more themed then I'd like.
The third step will be the kitchen- these two rooms are connected so they're a package deal;)
The Kitchen needs a spring touch and something to give it a little more zing! Stay tuned for more!
I'll be working with Liberty Hardware to bring in some fun new accents pieces for the cabinets and backsplash. Thanks to Velvet Finishes I'll be doing some paiting- can you guess where?
Then I'm working with the lovely ladies at Smithonig to freshen up this table top decor. I can't wait to show you!! 
See I still have some Christmas leftovers out - ahhh! The poinsettias and garland have to go- I hold on for awhile here since we don't have leaves on trees until mid- May. Ooof
Make sure to check out the other lovely ladies below! We will all be updating each week via our blogs or Instagram stories.
A huge thank you to our amazing sponsors below!

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  1. This is going to be fun to watch..I too have Asian style furniture and want to refresh my space.


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