ORC Week 3 || The Struggle is Real!

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Welcome back to Week 3 of  the One Room Challenge! First, a huge thank you to Calling it Home & House Beautiful for hosting this amazing event. It's been a crazy week and I can't wait to tell you more!

The struggle was real this week. We removed everything from the room, the walls have been painted, curtains are up and we decided to paint the ceiling. Ceiling paint arrives today (Friday:)  If you watch my highlighted stories on Instagram you'll see it was a tough choice! We chose the below Farrow & Ball color thanks to, the paint colour expert, Thomas Mach of Thomas Mach Interiors.
We chose Farrow & Ball's Cook's Blue for it's vibrancy. We wanted a color that would work with the existing fabrics in the room and also make it POP!

*image via Farrow & Ball

The nursery gets a ton of light, being located at the front of the house, so I'm not worried about the color overpowering the room. Cook's Blue is the sample on the left side of chandelier. The other two looked too washed out in the morning light. 
I can't wait to post videos this weekend of the paint progress!

Next on my agenda was researching infant toys and products. Since my youngest is 4 years old it feels like I've been out of the baby game for 20 years. So much has changed!! Plus, I donated all of the baby items we owned when we moved so.......we are starting from scratch;)
I came across this amazing Play Gym by Lovevery baby and was amazed. It's everything you need for infant play in one spot!!

Plus, it is designed by child development experts- created to be exactly what your baby needs at every stage- simple and well thought out. 

A multi-educational product that provides a year of play- does it get any better?! My mother-in-law, a former Montessori teacher, who has been teaching for 30 + years approves- done and done!

It comes with 5 different play stations and can be used as a tent! Need I say more?;) For more info and pictures click HERE 

Play time was covered so next up was a carrier.  I sourced a stunning Infant wrap from Solly Baby. 
Several of my friends have Solly Baby wraps and rave about how comfortable & easy they are to use. I loved the stunning designs and soft fabric so I had to check them out. 

They are made to hold up to 25lbs and are known for the unparalleled comfort & closeness they provide baby.
My husband picked out this nice "Heritage Plaid" wrap designed by Jenni Kayne for Solly Baby. Find it HERE We both can't wait to carry around brother in this comfy wrap!

Next on the list was bath time and no one does bath better then Blooming Baby! 
Check out the Blooming Bath Lotus! It's perfect for bathing baby due to it's soft minky fabric, ease of use and quick drying time. Trifecta! 

Do they make this in adult size?;) We went with the soft blue grey, for brother,  and my two girls can't wait to bathe him. 

A tiny corner of the room that I styled for a quick look at some pieces that have arrived so far. Stay tuned to see the painted ceiling and closet transformation!!

 Below is the real "state" of the room;)

The Updated Nursery Design Board! It's changing weekly with new additions. 

Thank you to my amazing sponsors! Without whom I'd have an empty room;) Check out my source list with direct links below!

Now make sure to check out the progress of other guest participants at The One Room Challenge!!

**while some of the products in the nursery are sponsored the thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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